Tuesday, 17 June 2014

For the Little Ones

Hi Doves!

The beautiful Stella of Journey to Healthy Waist Length Relaxed Hair! is not only her on own hair expert, but has done an awesome job of growing her little one's hair. My jaw literally dropped and my eyes widened when I saw her cute daughter's hair. I just had to ask her how she got it that B-E-A-U-tiful!!
Waist length at 3 years and 2 months

1. Tell us a little about Lisa and her hair.
I wasn't really a hair fanatic but having a baby girl gave me the desire to grow her hair and put those cute ribbons in it. I lost a lot of my own hair after her birth and as I was looking for solutions online and came across a facebook page called Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care that gave a lot of tips for growing black girls' hair long. Lots of mothers posted their kids' pictures and hair care tips and I was completely awed. I decided to grow out her hair. It was just baby shampoo, coconut oil and shea butter as I read on the page. And within a few months her hair got longer and longer.

2. How old was Lisa when you started taking care of her hair?
She was 9 months old when I started. I started using ribbons to make little buns and that was the only styling she got till she was 2, when I started applying T444Z hair food to her scalp and threading it for a week at a time.
First hair do at 9 months

3.What's her regimen?
I actually have no precise regimen for her hair. But it's something like this:
a. Shampoo her hair once a month or when very dirty but no more than two times with Creme of Nature Conditioning and Detangling Shampoo.
b. I wash her hair with water; with or without V05 conditioner as many times a week as possible.
c. I moisturise with Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker everyday. Seal with coconut or black castor oil. I have a spray mix for lazy days.
d. Apply T444z hair food to her scalp once a week on wash day.
e. Deep condition with homemade avocado and coconut oil mix at least once a month. Use cantu shea butter whenever I can't make a mix.
f.  Braid her hair  for 1 or 2 weeks at a time.
g. Comb only on shampoo wash days..usually once a month.
h. I do not use heat in her hair. No blow drying or flat ironing.

4. What products do you use on her hair?
As mentioned above; the Creme of nature Conditioning and Detangling Shampoo, V05 Conditioner, coconut oil, castor oil, T444Z hair food, avocados, shea butter, Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker, Cantu Shea Butter and water.
I don't get shea butter to buy in the markets these days but I use it whenever I have some available. It's amazing for her hair.

5. Little kids can hardly sit still, how do you manage to get her hair done?
I tell you I get pretty upset on braiding days. We always start on Friday night or Saturday morning with undoing the braids (she hates), and washing and deep conditioning (she totally loves, especially wearing the plastic cap), and braiding up...That sometimes happens on Sunday (if my lucky stars shine) after a million attempts.

There have been a few times where she has had to wear buns to church and school because I was too tired for the Tom and Jerry chase. I tell you she's a big factor in when it comes to my losing weight after her brother was born (laughs). I honestly do not look forward to braid days because she is sure to give me a hard time.

I had to install some yarn braids for her some time back when I was away from home for a month..the hairdresser did a great job, so I had them installed for her again this weekend. She sits still like a goddess when she goes to the salon though. Imagine! Though her dad doesn't like the idea, I'm sure gonna use my "braid pass" whenever I can.
The yarn braids stay in for 3 or 4 weeks but I wash and moisturise her hair the same way as when she is braided using her own hair only.

6. What was your main goal when you started?
My main goal was waist length by age 5...but we're there at 3 already!!...lol!

7.What tips do you have for other mothers and their little ones' hair?
All hair grows!! Though every baby or child is different, some with lots of hair and some with little hair or even bald, their hair will grow! Just be patient, keep their scalp clean and moisturise the hair they have.
Do not comb very coily hair too often..and comb when soaked in conditioner especially if the hair is coarse.
Keep hair plaited as long as it can stay neat so that you minimise mechanical damage.
Feed your kids well balanced meals with lots of protein, and give them enough water to keep their hair and skin hydrated. Make sure they sleep at least 8 hours at night.
Do not put relaxers in their hair and use all-natural products in their hair where you can afford it. Caring for black hair takes patience but it is worth it.  And you really can't contain your joy when you stretch your child's hair and see how long it is though all cottony and coiled up. Black hair really grows and long too!!

Well you heard it from her.. and Lisa's hair is just to die for!! Love it! So don't give up on keeping your kids' hair. It can be really simple. I think some of the tips she mentioned count for everyone of all ages i.e. getting plenty of sleep, a balanced diet, drinking water, moisturising often, low manipulation, keeping a clean scalp and clean hair, and PATIENCE.

Thank you so much Stella :-)


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