Friday, 27 June 2014

What's Up with My Hair?

 Hi Doves!

As promised, here is the update on my hair.
I'm still wigging it. I really love the access I have to my hair whenever I want it. At the same time it's in a protective hair style. Double plus! So i'm actually looking into making an afro wig. Like a weave I previously had done. Just need to purchase the hair and wig cap and I'll be good to go.
Man I miss that weave ...

As for my routine under my wig: I wash my hair every week. One week in the braids or cornrows. Then the second week I  take them down to  wash and redo so they stay neat.
I'm moisturising it with a mix of leave in, water, olive oil and castor oil. Then I either seal with castor oil, or add some aloe vera gel and seal with castor oil. I oil my scalp with castor oil everyday or every two days. So I guess I have established my wig regimen.

There are some days when my hair may feel extra dry, so i've been doing the GHE method :
Green House Effect. Long story short, it is a method which traps heat in and causes a steamy effect. The steam aids in sebum production which enhances growth. It is also great for keeping hair moisturised. Women also use this method as a growth aid to increase their growth. I mostly do it for the moisturising effects, if i get extra growth from it, that's a bonus. It has really helped with my moisture retention. I'm adding it to my winter survival  tips.

How I do it: M & S with my spray mix and castor oil. Put a plastic grocery bag, tie a satin scarf, then put on a beanie. I feel the warmth in about 10-20 mins or so. I usually leave it on for about 4 to 5 hours then seal my hair again to keep the moisture in when I remove all that stuff. So mine is the modified version. To read up on the original method and regimen that goes with it, you can access it here.
I think i've beaten the winter dryness curse.

Oh and I gave myself a trim. My ends were feeling a bit rough and I saw a lot of splits which I could not stand. I snipped off about an inch of hair overall.

So there you have it folks. That's my hair update.

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  1. I need to do the Green House Effect more often.


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