Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Length Check and Setting Length Goals

Hi doves!

As promised, here is my length check. I couldn't believe it myself when I did a preliminary check. I'm so excited. Drum roll...



The initial check on damp and oiled hair. Right before washing.

I hit armpit length (apl) and it's taken me about two years to get here from the start of my healthy hair journey in June 2012. Iv'e had multiple trims during that time as well. There was a time when I was scissor happy and would just trim unnecessarily. I think I cut off some of my progress unwittingly. Overall hard work definitely pays off. 
Check out the length charts  i found on the net below..

My ultimate goal is to get to midback length. Once I get there I will decide whether I want to continue to waist  length or maintain mbl.

I thought about what i've learnt about length goals and how to achieve them, and then listed them down below:

1. Setting mini length goals that can gradually get you to your ideal length. I realised that shoulder length or bra strap length won't come overnight. So I decided to make smaller mini-goals to make my ultimate goal more achievable. Waist length can seem daunting when looked at from a current state of shoulder or neck length. So first I aimed to get to shoulder length, then set my eyes on armpit length. Now that I am here, i'm actively working on getting to bra strap length hopefully by April 2015. My back is long so I guess I need more time.
2. Being consistent. Keeping on a good healthy hair regimen, and doing things that aid growth, health and length retention regularly ensured that i'd get to this today. 
3. Not watching hair grow. By this I mean doing length checks every week, two weeks or  month. If I were always looking to see, I would be discouraged. So I just let it be and only checked seriously every three or so months.
4. Remember what you are doing this for. For me I want long and healthy hair because it is aesthetically appealing to me. I want extensions and weaves as a choice, not because my hair will never reach that length. I also want to prove people wrong who believe that Africans cannot grow long hair because of genetics or whatever bogus reason. And finally because I want healthy hair. Strong.. beautiful.. glam.. lush hair. That is why I am on this healthy hair journey and that is why I soldier on!

What are your hair goals?


  1. Great progress!! I definitely agree with your 'not watching hair grow' I have started spacing my length checks to once every 6 months than 3 months, so I hope to see how progress!
    Another APL sista!

    1. Thaaanks Yvonne! Yeah hair stalking just doesnt help much. On to the next length..


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